Re: Caret tracking in emacs with gnome shell magnifier

On 29/11/2015 21:32, Eric Danan wrote:
Hello Eric
I am considering switching to gnome on linux and therefore installed the manjaro-gnome distribution to try it out. The gnome (3.18) shell magnifier supports caret tracking and it works in all applications I have tried except emacs (24.5).
It's a good news ! For me the result is not also good as you. In some application like Thunderbird or Firefox the focus tracking in editable field fail. Please contact me in private message or send on this list, I really would like to have a precise feedback of what they work or not.
One solution that was given to me on the emacs help list is to launch emacs in the terminal. Then caret tracking works, but it seems that in the terminal I cannnot display images (eg view pdf files or preview latex equations), which would be a drawback for me (also I read that I cannot use the mouse and some keyboard shortcuts).
Have you check if it was not possible to display image in Gnome terminal ? I know frame-buffer works in TTY so why not in Gnome terminal ?
Would somebody know how to proceed or have a suggestion? I am new to linux and searched the web for answers with no success.
I've tried to test Emacs with Accercicer (a accessibility debug tool) and my conclusion are Emacs doesn't connect it to AT-SPI (accessibility stack). The only solution is to report bug to development team for solving this issue.

Best regards.

Alex team - free software accessibility parthner

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