What I am extremly missing in Gnome 3

Hi Everybody,
about one year ago I was full of hope, that the settings-dialogs for font-size, window-decoration and color and, very important, mouse-theme and size, would be implemented soon and would be as convenient (or even better) as in Gnome 2. But unfortunally, nothing happened. The only solution for me as a partially sigthed man was to switch to XFCE. And although I could solve the mouse pointer size problem here, it is far away fron the easy to use settings dialog of Gnome 2. I suspect, the developoers had blind people in mind, but not the visually impaired. So whre can I help, is there a responsible developer who maybe is waiting for a tester like me since 2010 :-) ? So, here I am, and as a non-developer I really would like to help making the next release more accissible for people like me and all the others living with visual impairment without the need just to zoom in everything, but with the need to fine adjust constrast and sizes of text and other elements.
Thanks in advance

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