Re: What I am extremly missing in Gnome 3

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> Enviado: Miércoles 20 de junio de 2012 15:30
> Asunto: What I am extremly missing in Gnome 3
> Hi Everybody,
> about one year ago I was full of hope, that the settings-dialogs for font-size, 
> window-decoration and color and, very important, mouse-theme and size, would be 
> implemented soon and would be as convenient (or even better) as in Gnome 2. But 
> unfortunally, nothing happened. The only solution for me as a partially sigthed 
> man was to switch to XFCE. And although I could solve the mouse pointer size 
> problem here, it is far away fron the easy to use settings dialog of Gnome 2. I 
> suspect, the developoers had blind people in mind, but not the visually 
> impaired. So whre can I help, is there a responsible developer who maybe is 
> waiting for a tester like me since 2010 :-) ?
> So, here I am, and as a non-developer I really would like to help making the 
> next release more accissible for people like me and all the others living with 
> visual impairment without the need just to zoom in everything, but with the need 
> to fine adjust constrast and sizes of text and other elements.
> Thanks in advance
> Detlef

Have you tried the gnome-tweak-tool ?  I think it can address many of the issues you


   -- Juanjo Marin

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