Re: Can the community work with Gnome to improve GTK+ a11y?

Peter, Christian,

On 12-01-05 11:31 AM, Christian Hofstader wrote:
I generally agree with Peter here…

I think the user agent, Orca in this case, can and should provide augmentations to the overall user experience. Items that do not gain focus ordinarily need to be presented to users with vision impairment anyway as knowing what isn't available in a certain mode is tremendously important to us.

I didn't argue any differently, quite the opposite: I concluded that keyboard only users need some way to navigate to disabled items to acquire information about them.

Regarding conflating sighted vs. screen reading keyboard-only users, I made no claim how that navigation was accomplished. Building it in is one way of doing it. Having an AT augment the built-in navigation scheme is another. Although, if "... everything *must* be built-in ... " for sighted keyboard-only users (as Peter noted), then, in this case, there is nothing to augment. An AT can avail itself of the built-in behaviour.

Peter wrote:
I not certain what the right answer is here for unavailable menu items...

Neither am I really -- I'm just a programmer. The main objection I've heard is that a sighted keyboard-only user would be annoyed at having to navigate to something they can't activate. But, has anyone actually done the user experience study(ies)? For all I know, users with cognitive impairments might appreciate the highlighting that occurs if they could navigate to the disabled item. Perhaps the best answer is that navigation to disabled items should be a user preference.


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