Re: Can the community work with Gnome to improve GTK+ a11y?


Here are a couple of issues related to the accessibility of disabled menu items.

A similar problem occurs in tool bars with disabled tool bar buttons. In some toolkits, keyboard-only users cannot navigate (put focus) on disabled buttons. The rationale for that behaviour is that sighted keyboard-only users *can* see the button, its icon, its label, and so on. Users can also see that it is disabled (it's greyed out). For efficiency sake, this rationale goes, there is no need to navigate to it.

However ...

When users hover over a toolbar button with the mouse, a tooltip pops up. This occurs even when the button is disabled. BTW, tool bar buttons are not the only UI elements that have tooltips or descriptions. Other widgets, including menu items (sometimes) have tooltips.

There's an a11y heuristic: whatever users can do with the mouse, they should be able to do with the keyboard.

There needs to be a way that keyboard only users can navigate to disabled widgets to acquire information about them, such as their role, their label, a tooltip/description, the fact that they are disabled, and other information.


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