Re: Can the community work with Gnome to improve GTK+ a11y?

Robert Cole <rkcole72984 gmail com> wrote:
> One example of these greyed out menus is in Totem. Under the Movie
> menu, two menu items are greyed out: Eject and Play/Pause. I use a
> screen magnifier at times, so the greyed out menus are visible to
> me, but I just observed with keyboard navigation and saw that, as I
> arrowed down through the menus, that the menu items mentioned before
> are completely skipped over.
> From an end user perspective, especially in the case of more complex
> programs, it could be confusing and even frustrating to try to find
> a certain menu and for it to not be present.

That's true, but I can also envisage users who don't want focus to move to
items which are not available for selection.

Thus my conclusions would be:

1. All items should be available for flat review, i.e., exposed by AT-SPI.

2. Items which are not selectable should be so marked, allowing the assistive
technology to indicate appropriately.

3. There are legitimate differences of opinion as to how focus should be
handled. I would opt for "not focusable by default" if I had to express a
preference, but I might be wrong.

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