Re: Frist Impressions of GNOME 3's Zoom Feature

Hello, Jason.

Unfortunately I do not have a spare machine for testing, but you may be right about the graphics driver. The machine I tested the live USB system on has an integrated nVidia card and 4 GB of RAM. I am not sure if Linux Mint 12 system installs the nVidia driver by default, but I will have to try and install the current proprietary driver and see if that makes a difference. As soon as I get a chance to test it out I will write back.

Thanks for the suggestion.

On 12/12/2011 6:27 PM, Jason White wrote:
Robert Cole<rkcole72984 gmail com>  wrote:

When I open up the Activities Overview (I am trying to get the
proper terms for different elements down :) ) and click on the
Applications tab, the magnifier gets very jumpy. It does not stop
functioning,but it has a big lag when panning, and I am somewhat
certain that this is probably due to the big number of application
icons which are presented. When I select a category, such as
Internet, the magnifier pans smoothly again.
This is far from any area in which I have expertise, but I'm wondering whether
it might be attributable to the combination of video card and driver involved.
You could perhaps compare this performance with what you experience on a
different machine (with a different video card).

Gnome 3.x demands more of the video hardware than Gnome 2.x - apparently, 3d
acceleration is preferred, though not strictly required as of the latest
version, according to an article that I read a few weeks ago.

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