Project:Possibility students working on GNOME a11y this weekend

I'm really pleased to say that 6 students from the Project:Possibility
coding competition will be working on GNOME a11y projects this
weekend. They will be working on Orca or Caribou and adding new
features. They will then be judged against other student teams and the
winning students then get to go to CSUN to present their work and meet
up with GNOME. This is a great chance to get the students and others
to know about GNOME a11y. We'll hopefully get some useful code to
check in and may even get some new contributors.

Ben and Arky will be on IRC helping the students get up to speed and
answering questions.

If you are on the GNOME a11y IRC channel on Sat (today) or Sun during
the west coast day time and see the students then please do offer them
any support you can. Remember they will be in an exciting but
pressured competitive environment so will appreciate quick answers and
won't have much time to chat.

Steve Lee

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