Missouri, anyone?

There's an accessibility technology conference in Columbia, MO (USA)
April 26 and 27.  It'd be nice if we could send someone there.  Is there
anyone in the Missouri area that could go there and represent GNOME-A11y
and maybe do a talk?


There's a session on using a11y on Windows 7.  I'd love to see someone
do a session also on using a11y on GNOME.  Particularly as this
conference is sponsored by the state of Missouri, and we really need to
start making inroads to state agencies about the cost-benefits of using
GNOME/Linux as an effective option for a11y.

It's actually not that far for me as i'm in Chicago, but since we don't
really have a budget to cover travel for this kind of thing, I'm not
going to be able to go.

Bryen Yunashko

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