Re: Project:Possibility Code-for-a-Cause this Weekend

HI Stanley,

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 5:50 PM, Stanley Lam
<stanley lam projectpossibility org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My name is Stanley Lam, and I lead the nonprofit organization,
> Project:Possibility.
> As you may have heard, Project:Possibility is hosting a coding competition
> this weekend for students at the USC and UCLA campuses, and we'd like
> to invite you to participate.
> Two of the project ideas we've recommended to the students come straight
> from
> GNOME: adding a scanning mode to the Caribou on-screen keyboard (by
> allowing it to interface with a binary input device) and adding a
> highlighting
> capability to Orca.  However, the key issue is that one weekend is a short
> amount of time for a team of students to learn the source code, so talking
> with Willie and Brian it sounds like it'd be helpful for some GNOME
> programmers to be available over the weekend to guide the students along
> and answer any questions they may have.
> So if you've spent some time on Caribou or Orca (or are simply curious)
> and are available anytime Saturday and Sunday, 9am-9pm PST, please
> let us know.  Please note that the final list of projects the students will
> be working on has not yet been confirmed -- it is up to the students
> themselves to self-select into teams based on their interests and prior
> experiences.  Once the final teams are formed Friday, I'll keep everyone
> posted, but we wanted to check in now and see what everyone's
> availability is like.

I can be around for part of the time this weekend. Are the students
going to be on IRC? If so, which channel? Obviously I'll be more
helpful if Caribou is selected but I could provide some help with Orca
too if nobody else is around.

Cheers, Ben

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