Re: An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

On 23 February 2010 17:21, Willie Walker <walker willie gmail com> wrote:
> Education is key.  Part of why I saw so much value in going to the GNOME
> Usability Hackfest was to spread the word and get accessibility
> considerations as close to the design as possible.  It also needs to be
> done in a positive way to make them want to take ownership of the space
> versus us setting up a dependency relationship with them.

Looks like you've had success already.

>  In general, I think we want to create people that say "I *know* how to
> make this accessible" versus "I think accessibility is important and I'm
> going to ask the accessibility guys to fix this for me."  Getting to the
> latter, of course, is still a laudable achievement.  :-)

We *want* to do ourselves out of a job.

> In general, we need to continue the advocacy, and I think we need
> advocates as close to the source of the solution as possible.  So,
> having an advocate on the release team can help give a stronger voice
> that can help prevent accessibility problems from passing through
> releases.



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