Re: An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 04:22:04AM -0600, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Kenny/Eitan:
> On 02/20/10 11:46 PM, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> >I'm not sure I've made my point, but I'll send this and see the result.  I've tried to keep this nice and helpful when
> >what I really want is to destroy the monitor of everyone on the Gnome board.  If you had to
> >use the Gnome I amn forced to use, you wouldn't put up with it for a second.
> >This mail was written on a Linux box in the text console.  Gnome 2.28 just isn't worth the frustration to try posting it under Gnome.
> I can assure you that the GNOME Foundation board takes accessibility
> seriously, and works hard to promote accessibility within the GNOME
> community.  I appreciate your frustration, but I do not think destroying
> any monitors will really help.
I agree.

> On 02/22/10 03:18 PM, Eitan Isaacson wrote:
> > Accessibility is definitely seen as a priority by GNOME leadership. I
> > agree with you that there needs to be more stringent rules for GNOME
> > applications. I believe the folks to lobby regarding this are the
> > release team, even though I know that they are also concerned about
> > accessibility. What would be even better is if someone who is a11y
> > oriented would join the release team. I think the new module inclusion
> > process[1] should include formal a11y requirements. Accessibility
> > should also find itself in the release schedule[2], just as i18n does.
> Correct, proposals regarding making more stringent a11y rules for
> release would be best discussed on the release-team mailing list:
> As you say, if more people with an a11y focus were to volunteer to
> participate in release team process, this would likely be the most
> effective way to influence change.
> Brian
> _______________________________________________
Can you point me to documentation on requirements for participating
on the release team?  I can read the list archives, but can't post since
I'm not a member.
I don't have any formal training in accessibility, just a life time of
Dispite the tone of my messages, I've been a supporter of Gnome accessibility
since the beginning, and I would like it to succeed.


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