Re: Accessibility Hackfest - Further Planning


* We will be demonstrating GNOME to the industry and to users. As far
as I know, we are the only ones offering a completely free, open and
accessible personal computing platform, this is huge, and this is why
we are going to CSUN. In better times Sun would be there too
showcasing GNOME, but not this year.

Isn't Joanmarie going?  While she isn't from Sun, she is very much
an OpenSolaris volunteer and I would think capable of representing
Sun and OpenSolaris.

* From my experience in this conference, talk is cheap and many
organizations say generous things, I want us to be able to follow
through with this. While it might be wishful thinking on my end, I
think we need to be prepared for two things:
    1. Some foundation or company that uses GNOME and wants to improve
a11y for it's own use, or it's own sake. I want us to be able to
follow through with this and offer them CVs of dedicated GNOME a11y
hackers. We could play a part in getting the next grantee, contractor,
full-time a11y hackers employed.
    2. Organizations that use GNOME already and depend on it need to
understand that they should get involved, and should join the GNOME
advisory board. When we hear of such orgs, we need to get them in
touch with Stormy. It would be good both for foundation funding and
for a11y interests on the AD board.

I would recommend pinging the gnome-accessibility-list and see if there
are people in the GNOME a11y community who might be able to suggest
organizations that would be good to highlight in this way.

I also agree that it is a great idea to get any organizations that
we meet at CSUN who are using GNOME a11y or interested in contact
with Stormy and the board.  Even if they are not organizations that
are appropriate for joining the AdBoard, there still may be interesting
opportunities to work together or forge closer relationships.


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