Re: Accessibility Hackfest - Further Planning

On Wed, 2010-02-10 at 16:18 -0800, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Eitan:
> > Showroom
> > ----------------
> > * We will be demonstrating GNOME to the industry and to users. As far
> > as I know, we are the only ones offering a completely free, open and
> > accessible personal computing platform, this is huge, and this is why
> > we are going to CSUN. In better times Sun would be there too
> > showcasing GNOME, but not this year.
> Isn't Joanmarie going?  While she isn't from Sun, she is very much
> an OpenSolaris volunteer and I would think capable of representing
> Sun and OpenSolaris.

Yeah, I am going. I did have some second (and third and fourth) thoughts
about doing so given everything that's been taking place lately.
However, this does strike me as being a good opportunity to apply what
I've learned from educational films and documentaries such as the
"Stepford Wives," and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and secretly turn
others into Orca developers.

Sorry, it's the sleep deprivation talking.... ;-)

All kidding aside, I've been in contact with Ke Wang to see if he'd be
interested in possibly becoming the Orca team's java guy, which would
help our tiny team out alot. It's my intent to work with him on Orca's
support for java, identifying and fixing as many bugs as we can.

I'm also actively recruiting another developer into joining the Orca
team, but whether or not he'll be able to come to CSUN is something
which remains to be seen. But if he can, it is my intent to also work
with him quite a bit.

Any other CSUN-bound hackers interested in becoming a <strike>pod
person</strike> developer of an awesome screen reader with an awesome
bunch of users, give me a holler.

Anyhoo, getting back to what Brian mentioned, I am indeed an active
OpenSolaris user, community member, and volunteer and will have a laptop
with which I can give demos. As I understand it, others will be
similarly armed and able to demo their respective distros, so it should
be a good opportunity to expose users to the variety of options
available to them.

Take care.

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