Re: Accessibility Hackfest - Further Planning

On Wed, 2010-02-10 at 16:18 -0800, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Eitan:
> > Showroom
> > ----------------
> > * We will be demonstrating GNOME to the industry and to users. As
> far
> > as I know, we are the only ones offering a completely free, open and
> > accessible personal computing platform, this is huge, and this is
> why
> > we are going to CSUN. In better times Sun would be there too
> > showcasing GNOME, but not this year.
> Isn't Joanmarie going?  While she isn't from Sun, she is very much
> an OpenSolaris volunteer and I would think capable of representing
> Sun and OpenSolaris. 

Li Yuan and Ke Wang from Sun will also attend the hackfest. They could
work with Joanie for an OpenSolaris Demo.


Harry Lu Sun COM
OpenSolaris Desktop Group, Sun Microsystems
Phone ext. 82870

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