Re: GNOME 2.30: go stable or go cutting edge?

Le lundi 01 février 2010, à 14:54 -0500, Willie Walker a écrit :
> Please, speak up with your thoughts.  The collective opinion of our
> group matters and it will help shape what recommendations we will make
> to the release team for GNOME 2.30.

I think both should be shipped, and we should document the status in our
release notes (ie: we're making the new stack available for testing, we
think it works okay but users depending on accessibility might want to
use the well-tested code of the old stack instead).

In the end, it's really a decision that will be taken by distributors
anyway, and so we should make sure distributors ship both code and
choose the one they prefer as default.

(the good news is that with some of the recent changes, it's possible to
have both stacks installed and so it's really simple to switch between
the two)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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