Re: GNOME A11y: where do we need to improve?

Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks Francesco!

In addition, I would also like to raise the idea of making a proposal
to the GNOME release team that a11y become part of the new module
proposal process.  I'm curious what people think of that idea and who
would be willing to help test new modules for a11y.
This would presuppose the existance of a clear specifications against which the new modules could be tested. Does it already exist?

Agreed. :-) The testing spec/docs are old and out of date, but we have identified this as one of the most important tasks to get done on :-)

BTW, I hope to be able to go through the most important tasks today and flesh them out some more. I'd like to give people a clearer idea of the problems and the expected deliverables if they were to help us out in this space. I'll send out info when I'm done. Then we can all meet on IRC sometime next week or possibly even tomorrow. Sound OK?

Next week sounds good Will, but we should give folks some warning.


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