Re: ubuntu amd story: what a difference a version upgrade makes

Ouch! If you can use the livecd as a rescue disk and chroot into the hard drive and run aptitude again, you might want to try aptitude dist-upgrade and allow aptitude to make what fixes it will for your system. I've been very lucky with aptitude and have never had that happen. Also before you reboot, examine /boot/grub/menu.lst and see what grub thinks are and are not boot alternatives for you. The default may be wrong and the system may be moving too fast for you to catch it on the way in. This is why all linux istributions should check floppy drives for a ks.cfg file or whatever their preferred favorite install or startup script is and be prepared to write error logs to that same floppy all be it in a subdirectory. This is something best not be required to specify on the boot line. I still haven't figured out the syntax if ks.cfg is in /dev/fd0/ks.cfg so ubuntu can find it and run it.

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