Re: ubuntu amd story: what a difference a version upgrade makes

Congratulations! Some speech is better than none.  I wasn't aware that 
gnopernicus was still being developed.  Have you tried orca yet?  

I upgraded my ubuntu this afternoonusing aptitude, and now it won't boot 
<grin>.  It 
can't find my root filesystem even though I specified root=/dev/hdb2 
on teh boot line in 
the grub menu.  

Getting the gui accessibility to work is a hit or miss proposition.  
Anyway, glad you had some success.


On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 05:55:18AM -0400, Jude DaShiell 
> A friend had installed ubuntu 6.04 on my amd-64 machine and though 
> gnopernicus was run, it wouldn't work a voice couldn't be selected even 
> though the sound card otherwise worked. An upgrade to 6.10 done online 
> last night and a machine reboot and login however got gnopernicus working 
> on that amd machine with no adjustments to the machine other than 
> accessibility preferences and gnopernicus settings itself once gnopernicus 
> was run.  Apparently necessary fixes had their effects.  Gnome terminal 
> can't be used with gnopernicus and have it talking but the g.u.i. 
> environment does talk.  We used update-manager -c in terminal mode last 
> night but I'll probably use aptitude or synaptic to keep the system 
> updated in the future.
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