Re: Anyone successfully using Gaim?

My buddy list isn't empty, since I can hear people logging on and off,
and LSR is able to read it.

Debian just upgraded my Gaim to version 1:2.0.0+beta4-2.  Not sure if
that's similar to your 2.0.0beta3, but looks like it may be a later
version.  It has the same problem of not being readable with Orca,
either with the arrows or the flat review keys.  Note that conversation
windows, menus in the buddy list and all other windows, and all other pop-up windows are all
readable, just not the buddy list itself.  I have even tried setting the
table mode to read individual cells with no luck.

Several questions arrise.  Is it better to compile Gaim from source?
Would this solve the problem possibly?  How about gtk accessibility
modules?  I read somewhere that there is an old way of setting some
Gail accessibility module using an environment variable.  Could this be
necessary for Gaim?  Is Orca or Gaim or both patched in some way in
Ubuntu Edgy that makes it work better than Debian Gaim and source Orca?
Could it be something with the accessibility libraries themselves?  They
are from Debian unstable and experimental.  I can provide versions if
necessary, I just need to know the packages to check.

Thanks much,
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