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Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 07:00:11 -0700
From: David Csercsics <aarg shaw ca>
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Subject: Re: speaking lynix install?

Hmmmm, it doesn't seem to do much of anything for me. I get the sound at a
low volume (wish I could turn it up) but control-alt-f1 and typing in orca
and hitting enter does nothing. The system I use linux on has an SBLive
value sound card in it. I always knew that card was a linux nightmare in the
high school days 5-6 years ago, but surely thought support got better.

I couldn't get orca running with that method either. I had to do alt
+f2 once you get the desktop sound and then type orca -t and press
enter. When you log out and back in as per the instructions orca may
come up talking again automatically or it may not. I'm not sure why. If
it doesn't talk just press alt + f2 and type orca and press enter and
that should get you speech. Once you have speech you can open a gnome
terminal and crank the mixer settings up. I found that it was quiet on my
laptop too because the CD drive is quite loud. As for installing Ubuntu
well that is another matter. I click the install thing and then I don't
know what happens because nothing speaks after that. This seems to be
different than the howto is reporting. I also find festival to be quite
unresponsive. Too big and too slow. Is there some other synth we could
use. I'm in the process of building and installing GNOME on the laptop
(as part of my LFS that I have running.) and so I don't want to have to
use festival if something better can be used. I'll have to look into this.

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