Re: lsr-0.3.0 and speech-dispatcher

Peter Parente napsal(a):
> Thanks for trying speech dispatcher with LSR. The module is pretty
> rough around the edges since Speech Dispatcher is still under heavy
> development. You've likely encountered a bug.

Hello Peter,

I have to object strongly.  I don't think it was your intention, but
please consider, that you may hurt other project by such a proclamation.

Speech Dispatcher is not under heavy development for quite some time
now.  What was under development lately is just the Python interface
library, but even there we were keeping the backwards compatibility very

We're definitely open to discuss any (even potential) problems in our
software and we never pretended it is perfect, but I think one should be
 very carefull when making judgments about other peoples work in public.

I'm sorry I had to say that.  Anyway, I wish you a good luck with the
LSR project.  To me it seems technologically very promising.

Best regards, Tomas.

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