Re: Ubuntu egdy and BRLTTY

Hi Jason:

> Having said that, I couldn't get it to work under Debian, but there are other,
> larger problems with trying to run Orca under my Debian installation anyway
> and I haven't had time to identify the cause or solve the problems.

Unfortunately, we don't have resources to test/develop Orca on all
platforms.  The Orca team at Sun has been focusing our development of
Orca on Solaris and Ubuntu, which helps give us a pretty good idea of
whether Orca itself is doing the right thing or not and whether the
GNOME platform itself it working OK.  

There are dependencies outside of GNOME itself, however, that are needed
for Orca to work well.  I suspect the problems you are running into are
Debian-specific, with the most obvious culprit probably being that the
proper dependencies are not installed.

If you come across things that are problems specifically related to what
Orca is doing (versus things such as ATSPI/audio/etc infrastructure not
working) or how the Orca team could provide better hints to distribution
providers, I'd be interested in hearing about what you learn.



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