Re: Ubuntu egdy and BRLTTY


 I have got a Alva Satellite 570 Pro braille display, Connected to USB

 How I get braille support under Ubuntu Edgy?

 I used the daily build from 30 Sept.

 I did the following.

 1. start the PC from CD
 2. waited until the screen with the boot option comes up
 3. press F5 and selected the option 'Screen Reader'
 4. waited until the system has booted completely
 5, go to the terminal and start BRLTTY by typing sudo brltty
 5. using the accessibility menu to start Orca
 6. go through the Setup menu of Orca
 7. log out and in again using CTRL+AlT+BACKSPACE

 The following is happen:
 After I started BRLTTY the braille display get initialised but
 switch to the "screen is not in text mode" mode.
 The speech works fine.
 when i shutdown the system I get on the braille display the message
 'brltty terminated'

 Sorry for my last mail. It is escaped before it was finished.


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