Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Bill.

> I think we need to resolve this second issue (i.e. of what _modifier_ we 
> use for orca) before dealing with the first issue (i.e. what physical 
> key we wish to assign that modifier to).  

At the risk of asking a silly question.... Why can't we just do what
Rich suggested yesterday, namely change orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys
to suit our personal needs?

I took this line:

    orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys = ['Insert', 'KP_Insert']

Turned it into this line:

    orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys = ['Insert', 'Caps_Lock']

Now my CapsLock/ShiftLock works very nicely as the Orca modifier -- just
like Insert.

Take care.

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