Re: Orca on laptops.

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Bill.

I am not sure I understand your point - or perhaps you are misunderstanding me.

I suspect it's the former, but we'll see.  :-)

What I am suggesting is that we specifically _avoid_ using ShiftLock

And what I am suggesting is that we specifically _allow_ using it (if

(which is generally a troublesome 'modifier' anyhow, because it always has "latch" behavior, i.e. toggles between on/off with successive keypresses).

I did wonder about this.  I do know that in some Windows AT products,
ShiftLock is used as a modifier key.  How they went about accomplishing
this, however, I couldn't tell you.

Sorry if this sounds complicated, I am not sure how to put it more straightforwardly.

I think you're putting it quite straightforwardly, and I apologize for
not doing the same.  If you'll permit me to try again:

What I would like to avoid, if possible, is the need for "loopholes" and
"work arounds."  I *very rarely* use ShiftLock when I type, and I *very
frequently* rely upon shortcuts, access keys, etc.  Therefore *for me*,
having ShiftLock as a possible modifier makes sense.  Having it become
the additional key that I need to press in order to be able to use
existing shortcuts, access keys, etc. sounds like an excellent reason to
purchase an external keypad. :-)
Hi Joanie:

I understand your point now, and you made it clearly, thanks. I think it comes down to how one uses the orca modifier or shortcuts. If one's orca use is highly "modal", i.e. one tends to stay in "orca mode" or "pure keyboard mode", then the latching behavior of ShiftLock could be an advantage, and I agree that it would make a useful modifier in that scenario.

On the other hand, if the user model is less modal, and the user is frequently interspersing single orca commands within a stream of "normal" application keynav, the ShiftLock latching behavior would be a big annoyance.

I think that flat-review tends to be "modal", i.e. you're either in review mode or you aren't, where as many of the other orca commands may be less so. I'll leave it to the orca designers and users to figure out where the balance lies.

If you do find that some features are rather modal, there are two other latching keys available on many, but not all, keyboards, including laptop keyboard - NumLock and ScrollLock, so they may end up figuring into the discussion as well; in my experience NumLock can be either Mod3 or Mod4 in the Xserver modifier mask, depending on the X server implementation. (I am not sure ScrollLock actually appears in the modifier mask at all)


Thanks much for your explanation!  Take care.

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