Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Bill.

> I am not sure I understand your point - or perhaps you are 
> misunderstanding me.  

I suspect it's the former, but we'll see.  :-)

> What I am suggesting is that we specifically _avoid_ using ShiftLock 

And what I am suggesting is that we specifically _allow_ using it (if

> (which is generally a troublesome 'modifier' 
> anyhow, because it always has "latch" behavior, i.e. toggles between 
> on/off with successive keypresses).   

I did wonder about this.  I do know that in some Windows AT products,
ShiftLock is used as a modifier key.  How they went about accomplishing
this, however, I couldn't tell you.

> Sorry if this sounds complicated, I am not sure how to put it more 
> straightforwardly.

I think you're putting it quite straightforwardly, and I apologize for
not doing the same.  If you'll permit me to try again:

What I would like to avoid, if possible, is the need for "loopholes" and
"work arounds."  I *very rarely* use ShiftLock when I type, and I *very
frequently* rely upon shortcuts, access keys, etc.  Therefore *for me*,
having ShiftLock as a possible modifier makes sense.  Having it become
the additional key that I need to press in order to be able to use
existing shortcuts, access keys, etc. sounds like an excellent reason to
purchase an external keypad. :-)

Thanks much for your explanation!  Take care.

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