Re: [Kde-accessibility] Accessibility Summer of Code projects

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
David Bolter wrote:
Peter Korn wrote:
Hi Henrik,

Cool stuff.
For the on-screen keyboard, please consider doing something like "gok --simple" (assuming folks like David Bolter agree).
Yes. This is difficult though, since I can understand both sides of the fence here. My biased (gok maintainer) opinion is that we can go further pooling our efforts. A gok --simple, or gok --kiosk flag has been discussed a lot but we haven't had the spare cycles... and of course I would welcome any help there! I know gok could only benefit from having Henrik's help.
Thanks. I should point out that I'm not a programmer though. I can invent features and guide students, but I can only be of limited help at the code-face.

Those are all great potential contributions.


- Henrik
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