Re: [Kde-accessibility] Accessibility Summer of Code projects

Peter Korn wrote:
For the on-screen keyboard, please consider doing something like "gok --simple" (assuming folks like David Bolter agree). There is enough overlap that keeping common code common would be nice
That is certainly an option. I will need to discuss this with the student who takes it on, who will clearly have some input on the approach we take. For one thing, we might go with a different language such as python.

Another area where I'm considering a fairly radical departure is in rendering the keys. It might make sense to do that directly in Cairo or similar so we can get better performance and more flexibility in the shape, placement and look of the keys. Starting with a clean slate is a good opportunity to try out new ideas and technologies that you might otherwise feel too constricted to try.

Also, with your use case for the student Liza, I think she would want most of the current features of GOK, though without necessarily the configuration GUI. The last sentence of the Liza use case confuses me - how does she navigate the GNOME desktop and web perfectly without using an on-screen keyboard.
The key there is that she has a head-pointer device like the Headmouse [1]. With that she can click on anything on the desktop or in a browser. She can start applications, move windows, make drawings, etc. She can pretty much do anything with the standard mouse pointer apart from entering text. So what Liza needs is a basic QWERTY on-screen keyboard that can feed keystrokes into applications, but doesn't get in her way when she is not entering text.

For the magnifier, I'd be very keen to work with whoever you find on this. I was involved in the inLARGE magnifier for Macintosh, and have been thinking a lot about magnification for UNIX.
That's great, I'll certainly take you up on that :) I understand Gunnar was working on something as well, so we should coordinate.
Also, you might consider a fourth project: technology for people with cognitive impairments - something that's a big hole right now in UNIX. Please see things like Read&Write Gold from TextHelp, which provide assistance for folks with dyslexia, and with a variety of other print disorders. See
I must admit that this is something I haven't looked into very much, and so I didn't make plans for it. I would probably need a better understanding of the issues before I could be a useful mentor. Perhaps next year :)

I proposed three SoC projects, but realistically it looks like I may be able to implement just two. That's still a good fraction of the total Ubuntu SoC projects. In fact I've only had student applications for the SOK and magnifier so far. I guess I can see how the config panel can seem boring to students.

If any other distros or gnome or kde will have SoC students working on AT as well then we should definitely coordinate our efforts.

- Henrik

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