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Peter Korn wrote:
Hi Henrik,

Cool stuff.
For the on-screen keyboard, please consider doing something like "gok --simple" (assuming folks like David Bolter agree).

Yes. This is difficult though, since I can understand both sides of the fence here. My biased (gok maintainer) opinion is that we can go further pooling our efforts. A gok --simple, or gok --kiosk flag has been discussed a lot but we haven't had the spare cycles... and of course I would welcome any help there! I know gok could only benefit from having Henrik's help.

There is enough overlap that keeping common code common would be nice (vs. fragmenting approaches). Also, with your use case for the student Liza, I think she would want most of the current features of GOK, though without necessarily the configuration GUI. The last sentence of the Liza use case confuses me - how does she navigate the GNOME desktop and web perfectly without using an on-screen keyboard. For the magnifier, I'd be very keen to work with whoever you find on this. I was involved in the inLARGE magnifier for Macintosh, and have been thinking a lot about magnification for UNIX.

Also, you might consider a fourth project: technology for people with cognitive impairments - something that's a big hole right now in UNIX. Please see things like Read&Write Gold from TextHelp, which provide assistance for folks with dyslexia, and with a variety of other print disorders. See


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

(sorry for cross-posting again)

The Ubuntu Accessibility Team is hosting up to three development projects during this year's Summer of Code. The SoC scheme is an opportunity to break some new ground and so we are focusing on new tools. There are technologies coming on line such as XGL/compiz which we should take advantage of to provide a higher level of accessibility.

The three main ideas are:

 * An XGL/compiz-based desktop magnifier
 * A simple and user-friendly on-screen keyboard
 * A common Assistive Technology configuration utility

See the Ubuntu SoC2006 page for details:

There is still time for students to submit their applications here:

I'll be acting as official mentor for the students, though I'm also hoping for support from the wider AT community. So if you know any suitable students please encourage them to apply or if you think you can help in some other way such as with testing or advice, please join in! Let's welcome these students to our community and give them a good start on their projects!

- Henrik
Ubuntu Accessibility Team
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