Re: GNOME Accessibility Team Meeting @ Boston Summit?

Right, and more than just high level too -- I want to have focused groups that drill down and fix blocking issues.

- Aaron

Willie Walker wrote:
Hey Aaron:

I think this would be useful.  From an OS platform standpoint, we're
definitely lacking in compelling web accessibility.  We all realize this
and we all agreed earlier this year to center on Firefox 3 as our
primary focus for web accessibility.
You and the extended Firefox 3 teams from Sun and IBM have been very
busy this summer revamping the Firefox 3 AT-SPI infrastructure (thank
you!).  The October time frame seems like a good time to share our
experiences after we have a chance to take this new infrastructure for a
test ride.

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 11:31 -0400, Aaron Leventhal wrote:
What is the exact day for it? I only see "one day event" here:

I want to try and have a Mozilla hack fest tacked on to it as well, for a few days of coding together. Anyone who works on Mozilla or on an AT hooking into Mozilla is invited -- any platform.

- Aaron

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

The Boston Summit [1] is coming up in early October, and I thought it
might be a good chance to bring together everyone working on GNOME
accessibility, to talk through common goals, differing solutions, and how
to get all of us on the same page and working to a master plan!
Sound good?
Hi all,

I've received a lot of positive responses already, so I'm going to take the
'proposal' sticker off the box and call it the 'real thing'! :-) Please make
sure to add your name to the following wiki page to indicate that you'll be
coming to the Summit:

And don't forget to add your suggestions to the accessibility meeting page:

Finally, we need a volunteer to chair the meeting. Please step up. :-)


- Jeff

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