Re: GNOME Accessibility Team Meeting @ Boston Summit?

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> The Boston Summit [1] is coming up in early October, and I thought it
> might be a good chance to bring together everyone working on GNOME
> accessibility, to talk through common goals, differing solutions, and how
> to get all of us on the same page and working to a master plan!

> Sound good?

Hi all,

I've received a lot of positive responses already, so I'm going to take the
'proposal' sticker off the box and call it the 'real thing'! :-) Please make
sure to add your name to the following wiki page to indicate that you'll be
coming to the Summit:

And don't forget to add your suggestions to the accessibility meeting page:

Finally, we need a volunteer to chair the meeting. Please step up. :-)


- Jeff

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