Re: Gnopernicus and BRLTTY


To try to get your routing buttons working, do the following:

goto the preferences dialog in Gnopernicus (option 2 from the
Gnopernicus main menu)

choose "Braille Preferences" (option 2 in the preferences dialog)

choose "Braille key mapping"(option 5 in the Braille Preferences dialog)

You will be on the "position sensors" page tab.  Choose the radio button
that says "Position sensors move caret".  It should be the fifth radio
button.  Then select äply" followed by "ok" to close the dialog.  You
will be back in the "Braille preferences"dialog.  Tab to the close
button to close it.  Then tab to the close button to close the
"Preferences dialog".

Be aware your routing buttons will only work in places that actually
have a caret.

Hope this helps.

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