Re: Gnopernicus and BRLTTY

Hello Dave,

Thanks for ttybrl.c. It did the trick. No more error messages of that kind. The cursor routing buttons don't work, but there may be other reasons for that. The system hangs when I try to run a program. However, that could be because I've upgraded some libraries as told by Gnopernicus when I configured it. There may be more parts which should be upgraded. I'm running Gnome 2.6.

I'll keep trying.

Again, thanks for your help. It's taken me a step further.


On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Dave Mielke wrote:

[quoted lines by Jan and Bertil Smark Nilsson on 2005/08/24 at 12:05 +1000]


When I run startx the Gnopernicus menu comes up with startup mode,
preferences etc. However, I'm not able to do a lot. When I go back to the
terminal where I started, I get a couple of interesting messages. The last
one I get, which is repeated a couple of times, is

BRLTTY command code not bound to Gnopernicus key code: 0X0000

Please install the attached ttybrl.c into Gnopernicus's braille/libbrl
subdirectory, rebuild Gnopernicus, and let me know if you can then use your
Alva. Thanks.

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