Gnopernicus and BRLTTY


I've finally managed to get some dots on my Alva 320 braille display from Gnopernicus 0.11.1 with BRLTTY as braille device. When I compiled Gnopernicus I replaced the ttybrl.c with the one from Kenny Hitt. I'm running Fedora Core 2 with kernel 2.6.5 and I've updated relevant Gnome libraries.

When I run startx the Gnopernicus menu comes up with startup mode, preferences etc. However, I'm not able to do a lot. When I go back to the terminal where I started, I get a couple of interesting messages. The last one I get, which is repeated a couple of times, is

BRLTTY command code not bound to Gnopernicus key code: 0X0000

Quite a way up the screen it says

(nautilus:6253): gnome-vfs-modules-WARNING **: failed to create trash item cache file

When I try to run a program, nothing happens and I have to go back to the terminal where I started and do ctrl-c.

Does anybody have any bright ideas? It would be very much appreciated.

Bertil Smark Nilsson

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