Re: problem with speech output of gnopernicus

Hi to everyone

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 05:24:08PM +0530, Chaitanya Kamisetty wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I am not able to get speech output using gnopernicus. I have festival
> and gnome-speech installed on the system. Festival is running properly.
> But I don't get any speech output even though it says speech
> initialization has been successful.

Try these things:

1. Try running the test-speech tool and select festival., select some tests and look if speech works.

2. Try running festival_client and type (sayText "hello world").

3. Also try making a telnet connection to festival's server. telnet localhost 1314

If none of this works for you,  see what's your hostname  with the hostname command.

The problem it's that festival only accepts connections from localhost hostname.
You have to edit the festival.scm (/usr/share/festival/festival.scm) and find the server access list variable. Something like this:

(set! server_access_list '("" "localhost" "localhost\\.localdomain"))

You have to add whatever your host is.

> Thanks!
> Chaitanya

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