Re: gnome-speech and suse,

Hi Nidhal:

If the gnome-speech "test-speech" application is installed on your
distribution, try running it.  Select the Festival synthesis driver
and see if it can speak.  If it doesn't, try running festival by

[wwalker gnome ~]$ festival
Festival Speech Synthesis System 1.95:beta July 2004
Copyright (C) University of Edinburgh, 1996-2004. All rights reserved.
For details type `(festival_warranty)'
festival> (SayText 'testing)
#<Utterance 0xb70e85b8>

If that works, then you're most likely running into the dreaded 

  "You probably have a line in it similar to: localhost.localdomain localhost
   You need to modify that line so that the first item is "",
   and the second item is "localhost", like so: localhost localhost.localdomain"

To do more testing:

   1) First, kill all festival processes that might be running on
      your machine.

   2) Run festival-synthesis-driver in a separate window

   3) Run test-speech and keep an eye on what's going on in the
      festival-synthesis-driver window


PS - For your distribution, your path of least resistance is probably
     to get Festival working right now.  Then, if you more daring, 
     you can work on getting FreeTTS working, but it takes a little
     bit of work.

On Aug 23, 2005, at 10:19 AM, nidhal wrote:

I have just installed the frree downloadable vertion of suse 9.3. I choosed the standard installation type (including acceissibility support) in the installation. After the setup process, i configured the assistive technologie to enable the screen reader. But, when gnopernicus is lunched, i don't heart the voice. I went to gnopernicus preferences and found that the default synth enjine is freetts. It is normal ? i know that freetts is not livred with suse. My questions are :
1. How to make gnopernicus talks with freetts ? or how to configure it with festival ? Should i compile gnome-speech ? Ps : i have festival 1.4 installed in my system.
thank you so much.
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