Re: Removing gthtml2 (was Proposed modules for 2.10 wanted NOW)

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

	I thought this had happened before now - I was confusing yelp with
devhelp, though. So, for anyone else who doesn't know, 2.9.1 was the
first yelp release using gecko.

Please DONT do this; if you use the gecko component, the help system
become inaccessible.

	Its an unfortunate regression in accessibility given the amount of work
done on gtkhtml2 accessibility, but you would agree that its the way
forward, right? You would agree that maintaining one less html renderer
(and the accessibility support therein) is good, right?

Only when the remaining html renderer is substantially accessible. That is not yet the case, and I don't see a committment in the GNOME community to make sure this happens for 2.10. The existing GNOME accessibility team CANNOT make this committment, as we have our hands more than full already, without shouldering all of the regressions that take place as part of GNOME's "progress".

	Maybe it would have been better to wait to make the switch in yelp
until the Mozilla a11y work has been completed,

Yes, absolutely.

but personally I'm not
too worried about the help browser being inaccessible if the web browser
is inaccessible.

If help is inaccessible, the whole desktop is useless from an accessibility point of view. It's already true that some users will chose web browsers other than the 'GNOME' one, i.e. Mozilla/Firefox or even Links/Lynx instead of Epiphany.

If GNOME help regresses this much with respect to accessibility, I for one would not be willing to make any real claims for GNOME desktop accessibility at all. This is a very serious regression for accessibility indeed.

- Bill


Bill Haneman
Gnome Accessibility Project
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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