Re: Removing gthtml2 (was Proposed modules for 2.10 wanted NOW)


On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 15:20, Bill Haneman wrote:

> > but personally I'm not
> > too worried about the help browser being inaccessible if the web browser
> > is inaccessible.
> If help is inaccessible, the whole desktop is useless from an 
> accessibility point of view.  It's already true that some users will 
> chose web browsers other than the 'GNOME' one, i.e. Mozilla/Firefox or 
> even Links/Lynx instead of Epiphany.

	Ah, I'd forgotten that the web isn't totally inaccessible just because
Mozilla isn't accessible.

> If GNOME help regresses this much with respect to accessibility, I for 
> one would not be willing to make any real claims for GNOME desktop 
> accessibility at all.  This is a very serious regression for 
> accessibility indeed.

	I see where you're coming from now, I agree it is a serious regression
for a11y.


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