Re: 2.6 proposed module: dasher

Hi Matthew, everyone,

Matthew Garrett wrote:
On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 09:22:35PM -0800, Peter Korn wrote:

Dasher as a text entry replacement is tremendous. But until Dasher is able to provide a complete alternate navigation system of a desktop for a user, how can the Dasher user be independent? Should Dasher be a companaion application to GOK? Is there interest in making Dasher a desktop-wide assistive technology?

Dasher in its current form allows users to start and manipulate the majority of applications to some degree of functionality. At present, however, it does also require the ability to focus the desired window or text entry area. This is (a-ha ha ha) just a small matter of coding. Apart from that, I don't think that as of now Dasher users would be significantly handicapped compared to, say, GOK users.

I think it's a worthwhile inclusion in 2.6, since it demonstrably does increase the range of users we can support. By the 2.8 timeframe that range could be increased further, but I think this is equally true regardless of whether it's included now or not.

I have used Dasher and have seen it used by two experts and have been impressed. I think it is a novel and interesting alternative input mechanism. With a wide audience it can continue to evolve and grow (as can GOK). There is a great potential for unexpected "curb cut" uses which can be better discovered with a wide audience.

One thing that has concerned many of us with the assistive technology software, is what reaction the unintended audience will have, and how to better prepare John Smith for what to expect from such an application. Having said that, I think Dasher is probably okay in this respect but we need to ask ourselves if it is being included as an integral gnome tool, or if it is been included as a stand-alone-ish experimental-ish text entry tool. And whatever we decide we need to let the user know what to expect.

I'd like to see it in.

(Sometimes I wonder if the Gnome Applications Menu (as distributed) should have an Experimental, or Introducing, submenu where we can with clear conscience put novel and exciting, but young applications.)



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