Re: 2.6 proposed module: dasher

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> So, could the accessibility team please give us a collective decision? Do
> you need dasher in GNOME 2.6, or do you think it should wait until GNOME 2.8
> when it has integrated a bit more into GNOME?

Based on Peter's neutrality, Matthew's enthusiasm for being included, and my feeling
that this adds significant functionality, I think we should include dasher.  It
seems certain after our discussions that the relevant question is "when" and not 
"if", and my feeling is that there is benefit/utility in including dasher now 
instead of waiting for 2.8

This is assuming that Matthew wants to take on the responsibility of seeing 
the DocBook stuff sorted (by someone, if not necessarily him ;-)) and
also being proactive about any ui review stuff that turns up in the next
couple of weeks.  His responses seem to indicate that he'd be happy to do that.

- Bill
Bill Haneman 
Gnome Accessibility Project
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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