RE: 2.6 proposed module: dasher

> >The release team is likely to reject dasher as a new module 
> unless the 
> >GNOME accessibility experts tell us that they need it. 
> Please speak up 
> >now if that is surprising.
> >
> I find it surprising!
> I thought all the email to date on Dasher was positive; the 
> i18n issues 
> are sorted,
> it exports almost no strings, and it adds considerable new 
> functionality to the GNOME desktop.  It's also now in GNOME 
> CVS.  Matthew has done a lot 
> of work to make it not only more GNOME-friendly, but GNOME-integrated.
> So what's the issue here?

We didn't know that you considered it essential to meet your users' goals.

I think all I've seen is this little thread:

That suggests that it's kind of useful, but it's not clear that it's

If the GNOME accessibility team say that they need it, and that they plan to
integrate it into the whole set of accessibilty tools, then the release-team
is likely to just say "OK, you're the experts". However, as a sanity check,
I would like to know that somebody is actually getting some benefit from it
already, so it's not just a theoretical thing.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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