Re: Why Can't I use BRLTTY With Gnopernicus

Hi John, gang,

> I am very annoyed at the lack of response on this list to questions about
> braille output. Surely, somebody must know something. I finally got
> Gnopernicus to work with brltty and my Braille Lite display, but the only
> keys on the Braille Lite that produce a response are the advance bars.
> Gnopernicus used to respond to almost everything.

I'm sorry - I don't have the familiarity with the Braille parts of
Gnopernicus, so I can't help address the specific problems folks are
having.  I do have some useful information however... The gnopernicus
maintainers building in Romania is being renovated, and so they are all
taking a forced vacation.  I understand they will be back next week, and
should reply quickly once they return.

I'm sorry I personally can't be more helpful...

Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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