Re: Why Can't I use BRLTTY With Gnopernicus


Can't you give a better answer than that? After all, you wrote the brltty 
modules for Gnopernicus. In particular, why doesn't the latest Gnopernicus 
from CVS fail to respond to keystrokes on my Braille Lite 40 keyboard? The 
earlier versions of Gnopernicus responded properly.

 On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, 
Mario Lang wrote:

> Cheryl Homiak <chomiak chartermi net> writes:
> > I have had some similar problems to John's, [...]
> > when I switched to the cvs version of gnopernicus I was able to get brltty
> > to work,
> Note that the 0.7 tarball does not include brltty due to a bug in the
> distribution tarball creation logic in braille/librl/

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