Re: Why Can't I use BRLTTY With Gnopernicus


Thanks for your clarification. I'll certainly be glad when the Baum people 
can return to work. Getting Gnopernicus up with good brltty support is 
very importqant to some of my own projects. I'm trying to scratch my own 
itcvh by looking at the source code of the relevant modules. Soimething in 
either Gnopernicus or brltty has changed. So far it looks like brltty is 
the more likely, because everytime I press a key on my braille keyboard, 
except for a few, there is a message on the tty where I invoked startx 
that says "Default: sending DKxxxx".

Maybe this information will be useful to someone on this list.

 On Tue, 23 
Sep 2003, Peter Korn 

> Hi John, gang,
> > I am very annoyed at the lack of response on this list to questions about
> > braille output. Surely, somebody must know something. I finally got
> > Gnopernicus to work with brltty and my Braille Lite display, but the only
> > keys on the Braille Lite that produce a response are the advance bars.
> > Gnopernicus used to respond to almost everything.
> I'm sorry - I don't have the familiarity with the Braille parts of
> Gnopernicus, so I can't help address the specific problems folks are
> having.  I do have some useful information however... The gnopernicus
> maintainers building in Romania is being renovated, and so they are all
> taking a forced vacation.  I understand they will be back next week, and
> should reply quickly once they return.
> I'm sorry I personally can't be more helpful...
> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibility team

Computers to Help People, Inc.
825 East Johnson; Madison, WI 53703

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