Re: Screenshots of GNOME 2.4?

Hi David, Andrew,

> There are some (ahem, out of date) screen shots of gok at:

It looks like my e-mail with GOK pictures didn't make it out for some

Please see:

for the GOK keyboard showing the UI elements of the "Save As" dialog of
gedit, and for a GOK keyboard showing the toolbar elements of gedit.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

> Does anyone else have screen shots of GOK?  I've had taking good shots
> of gok interacting with other applications because the screen shot
> widget takes focus away and affects gok's state. (the timed shot feature
> hasn't helped)...
> cheers,
> D
> Andrew Sobala wrote:
> > Thanks for all those screenshots, Peter: it's nice to be able to show
> > our "new" accessibility tools (new in the Desktop release, anyway).
> >
> > (As an aside, I haven't really seen the accessibility tools yet because
> > I don't have the gumption to try them out. They look really nice: great
> > job everyone!)
> >
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