Re: Norwegian (nynorsk) translation of ATK

Greetings, ┼smund,

> I'm translating ATK to Norwegian nynorsk (lang code nn). Some of the
> terms are a bit tricky to translate accurately.
> msgid "dial"
> Is this an indicator of an input or an output widget? I have a couple of
> candidates, but they are better for dials meant for reading out numbers
> than for dials meant for setting values.

This was already answered - let me (and the list) know if you still have

> msgid "header"
> msgid "footer"
> I'm not sure what these are. Are they like the header and footer of a
> document? It'd help if someone could explain these terms and perhaps
> show me an example.

These were introduced as part of our work in StarOffice/
accessibility.  These applications, and potentially others as well, have
special regions of text in the content pane that are for "header" text and
"footer" text (which is printed at the top & bottom of every page). 
Specifically in the StarOffice/ Writer application, these
headers/footers are rendered in the content pane for every page (as you
scroll).  A screen reader will commonly want to skip over this text when the
user is reading the document as a whole across page boundaries - just as you
or I would reading visually.  The only way to convey this to the screen
reader (so it can allow the user to skip over it) is to make this clear with
new roles for the objects.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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