Re: Norwegian (nynorsk) translation of ATK

mňn 2003-09-08 klockan 10.08 skrev ┼smund SkjŠveland:
> I'm translating ATK to Norwegian nynorsk (lang code nn). Some of the
> terms are a bit tricky to translate accurately.
> msgid "dial"
> Is this an indicator of an input or an output widget? I have a couple of
> candidates, but they are better for dials meant for reading out numbers
> than for dials meant for setting values.
> msgid "header"
> msgid "footer"
> I'm not sure what these are. Are they like the header and footer of a
> document? It'd help if someone could explain these terms and perhaps
> show me an example.

Perhaps the accessibility people can help... :)


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