Re: Screenshots of GNOME 2.4?

Hi Andrew,

> As we come up to the release of GNOME two-dot-four-dot-oh, we'd love to
> collect together some screenshots of what's new in this release for the
> website. And there's nothing that makes a webserver happier than a good
> slashdotting :-)
> So the release team would like pictures of anything that's new, cool, or
> simply pretty in GNOME.
> So please reply with URLs to your screenshots - remember we need them
> rather quickly, we're only days from release. Please only reply to a
> maximum of one mailing list.

How about these two?  The first shows the Assistive Technology Preferences
dialog, with Gnopernicus running in the background Brailling the selected
item.  The second shows Gnopernicus magnification on the desktop.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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