Re: Questions regarding AT-SPI and ATK

Hi Olaf.

Okay I have seen Bill's reply to this, but I can give you gok's attended events quickly:

Here is a list of strings specifying the events GOK currently need's (soon to expand):
(Look for the description of SPI_registerGlobalEventListener in the documentation)

Also, gok has an AccessibleDeviceListener which listens for: SPI_BUTTON_PRESSED and SPI_BUTTON_RELEASED.

Good luck Olaf, and don't hesitate to send more questions.


Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
[David Bolter]

Gunnar, are you still interested in the events gok currently pays
attention to?

Yes, we are still looking for complete, detailed information on all
ATK/AT-SPI events. Trolltech is planning to support ATK from Qt 4.0
onwards, and they how the events are working in ATK/ST-SPI, but we found
no documentation of which events exist in ATK/AT-SPI and how exactly
they should be used.


Olaf Jan Schmidt <ojschmidt kde org>, KDE Accessibiluty Project
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